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What does ICSB provide?

  • In-office semen collection for evaluation or freezing for both short-term and long-term cryogenic storage
  • In-office transcervical inseminations (TCI)
  • In-office vaginal artificial inseminations & vaginal exfoliative cytology for timing
  • Progesterone Testing
  • Semen collections for evaluation and freezing through our mobile lab at dog shows/events
  • Lab technicians on-call 24/7 for surgical inseminations at Gresham Animal Hospital
  • Domestic and international export and import of frozen semen
  • Additional semen testing: Acrosome Integrity testing, Culture and Sensitivity Testing, Seminal Alkaline Phosphatase testing, Fresh-Chilled Semen Survivability Testing and Post-Thaw Retesting
  • Our 3 exclusive shipping kits: Our ‘ICSB Puppy Pak’ for fresh chilled semen, ‘ICSB Cryo Kit’ for shipping semen to us for freezing and storage, and our ‘ICSB Epi Kit’ to ship dog’s testes for semen retrieval and freezing
  • Our CF-Plus supplement for improving canine semen quality and count
  • Media and buffers for adjusting canine semen imbalances and contaminants
  • Consultations about semen quality available to veterinarians and dog breeders
  • Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy

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ICSB Mobile Operations

ICSB also provides semen collection for evaluation or freezing at dog shows/events and clinics. Please see our show schedule thought out the year and request an appointment online or call our office at (503) 663-7031 or email us at

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Client Testimonials

Confirmed Pregnancy from in-office insemination in 2023

Video provided by Mike Heppner.

“I have only used the CF-Plus on my golden Retriever for reproductive. I generally start giving it to him when the bitch goes in season (or as soon as they call me about breeding to him) until the last breeding. Over the last couple of years Jovi has regularly impregnated bitches naturally and when doing surgicals the vets have regularly impressed by the quality of semen for a dog “his age” (he is almost 8 years old).” –Maryke September 2007

Semen frozen in 1987 thawing at the same motility 35 years later in 2022.

Video provided by Barbara Todd-Denning.

“Thank you so much as I said on the phone you have no idea how much it means to me to know that the semen is safely stored with you. He lived a long life over 16 years old and was healthy throughout. and apparently had excellent motility for his age as well! As a horsebreeder I have shipped semen all over the country so storing semen and using frozen semen was not unknown to me. However freezing my dog’s semen was very special. I knew the day would come too soon and I would be glad that I had done so. But I couldn’t imagine was in the most difficult time that it would bring me such peace of mind knowing that my precious little one would live on in his babies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there and providing the service that you do!" -Maggie August 2022

“I had two of my male French Bulldogs on CF-Plus for approximately 5 months. That summer they were both used in separate dual-sired litters. My males were the only ones out of the breedings that took. One male sired 6 puppies while the other sired 4. I then passed the remaining pills onto my friend, whose male was one I did a dual sired breeding with. She had two unsuccessful breeding. After taking CF-Plus for four months he went on to sire a four puppy litter.” –Cari April 2012



“The CF-Plus has been incredible and my boys’ sperm count had doubled within six months. I have now been using it on my whole kennel” – Stefani July 2014

“I have use this product daily for every intact male and one Pug with severe Hemi-vertebrae, since 2007. I started using it when I had four of my males collected and we had some problems getting them collected. One male gave enough for eight pellets [vials] on the first try, but every other one of my boys only had semen for 6 each. I thought maybe the CF-Plus pills might work, and they were certainly cheap enough to try. About six weeks later, one of my boys was collected by a Pug breeder vet. She got very excited and insisted I view the slide, to see what she was so amazed at. She said she had never seen such quality from a Pug, and would have guessed it to be Bulldog semen. A litter of six resulted. My next surprise was the amount collected from my dead dog’s testicles. But the next surprise was from a dog that had not been used in seven years. He was only on them for 2 weeks when he was collected and although only enough for 1.5 pellets [vials], I had thought it might be hopeless. Imagine my surprise when the next boy was sent to be collected and he had 14 pellets [vials] the first day and 13 the next! I should add every other dog since who has been on the pills for at least 6 weeks when collected have produced at least 13 pellets [vials] each time. I have used the CF-Plus to help the mobility of two male Pugs. One with HV, and in both cases I believe they helped. The only other time I’ve used them on males for other purposes, is to bring down testicles on young dogs. Maybe not a direct result, but I am convinced it was due to the small boost to their hormone levels or whatever they do, but each pup had a testicle sitting above the sack prior to getting them (I gave ½ pill per day) had two testicles in the scrotum within 2-3 days. I did use them one time on a female Pug who had not been in season for a long time. She came in three days after receiving the first pill. I routinely give every one of my boys CF-Plus, and I highly recommend them to all my Pug friends. I have given bottles to stud dog owners prior to a breeding which is planned. I hope to continue to provide them to my boys and after 7 years, I am one happy customer!” –Sandra June 2014

"I am simply over the moon……this whole thing has been such a blessing. Our Titan really was a really special dog, very smart and intuitive, and everyone who knew him felt that way.

Back in 2020 we were told he likely had cancer, and as a result should be neutered (evidently being neutered can lower the hormones lowering the risk of certain cancers). Knowing that we wanted him to sire a litter someday, (specifically because we wanted one of his babies), but not knowing what the future would hold, we reached out to ICSB and scheduled an appointment to have Titan’s semen collected and frozen.

After hearing about Titan’s situation, and the steps we had taken, our adult daughter in Boise Idaho found a top line female chocolate lab puppy to call her own…..with the intention of giving us a puppy someday….

Fast forward to 2022, our Titan passed away. After which our daughter shared her intentions with us. That brings us to this year…….April 8th momma was inseminated in Boise Idaho, and today they are born. The miracle of life." - Dolly June 2023

  • First to produce puppies from frozen semen over 50 years ago!
  • Longest to store canine semen and produce puppies successfully!
  • ICSB preserving the love of our four-legged friends for over 50 years!
  • First to produce puppies from frozen semen over 50 years ago!
  • Longest to store canine semen and produce puppies successfully!
  • ICSB preserving the love of our four-legged friends for over 50 years!