Questions and Answers:

We are the main office of ICSB located in Oregon which has developed and been the sole owner of the proprietary technology of ICSB's unique semen freezing and media. We have licensed centers across the country and internationally as well. All ICSB centers are trained by ICSB and required to use ICSB media, freezing technology and products exclusively. However, it is important to know that there are other veterinarians and technicians in facilities with the ICSB-trained representatives. Please always ask to make sure they are using ICSB products and methods on your dog to ensure that you get the optimal semen quality with your stud dog. Each ICSB center is independent in its billing, client, and facility setup. You will need to contact the center that you had your dog collected at in order to access your records.

Please refer to our ICSB Centers tab for their contact information.

We do not sell the semen we have stored here unless the stud/semen owner has enrolled in our Stud Dog Database and has agreed to advertise their stud services. ICSB greatly values our client's privacy and confidentiality and will never give out personal information or advertise semen that has not enrolled in the database.

If you do not find what you're looking for on our database, others that wish to sell their canine semen typically do so through their own breeding websites, Facebook groups or by word-of-mouth at dog shows. AKC's Club List is another good resource for connecting with other breeders. 

Interested in enrolling in our database to advertise your stud services? Please see Add Listing on the Stud Dog Database page for more information.

Frozen semen allows domestic and international distribution of genetics and is far more economical and convenient than shipping the dogs themselves. This has valid application for all breeds where in-breeding coefficients are high in certain countries. Canine owners prefer the convenience of frozen semen over the necessity of always being on call for fresh or chilled semen collections or live breedings, especially if their canine has a competitive career or experienced collection facilities are not available close to their home. Many canine owners simply use frozen semen as an insurance policy in case their canine dies or is injured such that he can’t be collected for fresh or chilled semen or do a live cover. Since the frozen semen is shipped in dry shippers that can maintain temperature for 7-10 days, canine owners like the advantage of being able to order the frozen semen ahead of schedule so it is on hand and readily available at the time of ovulation.

The base fee is $408* for up to 4 vials stored. The way the charges break down is as follows: $55 file set up for a new dog, $93 for the first year storage, and $260 for the collection, processing and evaluation. If the dog produces more than 4 vials, each additional vial is $70 per vial if you choose to keep. 

If you do not want to pay for the additional vials, they will be absorbed into the collection as part of the 4 vials. Once it has been decided that you only want 4 vials, it is important to know that they cannot be divided back out.

The yearly storage fee covers up to 30 vials, if an additional canister is needed, the fee is an additional $77/year for 30 more vials.

The storage fee is billed annually and you will receive an invoice via mail and email.

*Unsuccessful Freeze attempt- *If the semen does not have the quality to attempt freezing, we will stop processing at the evaluation, which will be $120. If the semen has the quality to potentially freeze a breeding unit, we will continue processing the freeze, however, if the post-thaw quality after freezing is not high enough to store a breeding unit, the discounted processing fee is an additional $30 which will bring the total processing fee to $150. ICSB cannot guarantee the outcome of processing a sample.

Please see our Service Guide under Semen Collection and Freeze for more information.

Manual collecting is painless and most of the time enjoyable for the dog. Most studs do not need a teaser bitch to collect and we use scent rags from bitches that come into the office during their heat cycle. If you have a teaser bitch you'd like to bring, we would place her in front of the male being collected to promote a more “natural” breeding environment. This can help focus the stud and he may be more willing to collect and be more comfortable in the situation. 

You may be asked to hold your stud and protect our technician if necessary. Please disclose any behavior issues or bring a muzzle if you know your dog has any anxiety or issues with strangers, veterinarians, being touched in various areas, or with other dogs. The collection is a manual collection. The bulbus glandis is stimulated and the ejaculate is generally obtained within minutes. The penis is never stimulated. The manual collection is intended to simulate a natural tie.

We collect the first and second fraction of the ejaculate. The third fraction is a clear prostatic fluid that the dog will continue to ejaculate for a few minutes after the collection has finished. It is normal for the dog to continue ejaculating and the penis to be engorged for a period of time. Eventually, sometimes within seconds, sometimes extended minutes, the bulbus and penis will soften and retract back up into the sheath. 

One vial is one insemination/breeding unit. Each vial is packaged with enough live, motile, normal sperm cells for one insemination. It is important to know that additional vials does not necessarily increase your chance of success. ICSB is very careful to do a test thaw before the semen is put into deep storage. This test thaw is to see how the semen recovered AFTER the freezing process. This information is what aids us in packaging each vial optimally.

In general we are able to obtain 2-4 vials/breeding units from one collection but it varies greatly from stud to stud. We can get anywhere from nothing to as high as 8-10 vials.

There is no way to tell how much a collection will yield during the collection process, a full analysis and evaluation needs to be done to account for abnormalities, count/concentration and post-thaw motility. 

  • Appropriate Form should be submitted digitally before appointment: New Dog Authorization and Agreement Form for a first-time collection or if stud is not currently at our facility. Repeat Authorization Form if the stud’s semen has been collected and is currently stored at our facility.
  • A copy of your stud’s registration certificate (if registered)
  • AKC DNA profile number if applicable (all registered AKC dogs must have DNA done in order to register litters produced from frozen semen)
    • See AKC's DNA Profile Program
    • The DNA profile number does not have to be provided for the stud to be collected but you will need to have it before you register a litter with the frozen semen
  • (optional) ICSB takes swabs from in-season females that come into the office for AI's to be used as a scent swab for studs during collection appointments but if you have access to a live teaser you are more than welcomed to bring her.

In the days leading up to a collection for freeze appointment it is important to ensure the stud is well hydrated and rested. The stud should not be bred or collected at least 24 hours before the appointment.

If you have other dogs with us, you will receive a multi-dog discount on your bill at the time of the freeze collection. Also, your cost for storage will be prorated so that you will receive all of your dogs' storage in one billing.

If you have six or more studs stored in your account, the 6th dog's storage is free. 

Frozen semen can last indefinitely shown by research done in the bovine industry that suggests frozen bull semen can last more than 10,000 years. Frozen canine semen is presumed to have the same storage expectancy. ICSB has had many litters from 30+ year old semen and we're the first in the industry to produce a litter from frozen semen over 50 years ago.

The semen is carefully stored in liquid nitrogen tanks at -196°C/-321°F. At that temperature, all biological activity is significantly slowed down, essentially allowing the sperm cells to last indefinitely. ICSB consistently monitors the liquid nitrogen levels in our storage tanks to ensure semen is stored at the correct temperature. Since the tanks do not require electricity, there is no fear of tank failure due to power outages.

It is important to note that semen is a living organism that, even when frozen, deteriorates over time. Sperm cells will eventually cease living, but no one knows or can predict when this will occur, and it can vary from dog to dog. Due to this scientific fact, the quality of frozen semen may not stay the same over time. In most cases the quality will remain the same at the time of freeze and when it is thawed later on for an insemination. However, it is possible for the semen quality to degrade over time.

If you would like to know the current quality of the semen, we suggest running a post thaw retest to check the current post-thaw motility rate. ICSB only needs a small amount of the semen and can pull out the necessary amount without thawing the entire vial in most cases. If it is lower than original post-thaw motility rate, we would recommend repackaging the vials to account for the decrease in quality. To run this test, complete and return the Post-Thaw Retest Authorization Form .

We accept cash, check and credit cards for in-office appointments. Storage fees can be paid by check, bank transfer, calling in your credit card or paying online. The credit cards we accept are VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER. We no longer accept PayPal. Due to our COVID-19 restrictions, currently we do not accept cash or check for appointments or orders at any dog show or event we attend.

Please contact us for payment plan options, it is important to know that the semen WILL NOT be released or transferred until it is completely paid for. 

Collection appointments typically take 10-15 minutes and then you are free to go after your stud retracts his penis. The evaluating and freezing process of the semen is done on-site at our office and at shows. The complete process generally takes about one hour. Results will be emailed to you within 1-3 business days. 

If the semen does not have the quality to attempt freezing, we will stop processing at the evaluation, which will be $120. If the semen has the quality to potentially freeze a breeding unit, we will continue processing the freeze, however, if the post-thaw quality after freezing is not high enough to store a breeding unit, the discounted processing fee is an additional $30 which will bring the total processing fee to $150. ICSB cannot guarantee the outcome of processing a sample.

ICSB prides itself in offering our clients the best quality service that is backed by utilized research. If we don’t feel the semen is good enough to represent our 50 years of quality, we will let you know.

If the semen is low quality we will make recommendations on how to improve the quality or recommend additional testing.

If the initial motility is too low, high abnormalities, presence of white blood cells, unusual or high amounts of debris that inhibit the semen, and low count.

If ICSB sees these issues we will make recommendations on how to improve the stud's quality or offer additional testing. 

We will collect your dog and evaluate the semen. If there is no semen seen or it is an extremely small amount, and an analysis is not done the fee is $75 for the collection. 

If the sample does not have the quality to attempt freezing, we will stop processing at the evaluation, which will be $120. If the semen has the quality to potentially freeze a breeding unit, we will continue processing the freeze, however, if the post-thaw quality after freezing is not high enough to store a breeding unit, the discounted processing fee is an additional $30 which will bring the total processing fee to $150. ICSB cannot guarantee the outcome of processing a sample.

There are many variables involved in semen quality. It can range from age, diet, environment, health, genetics, injuries, infections, mental health, breed, medications, and physiology…and on and on. There is often a way to improve and correct semen quality issues, we will guide you to discuss these issues with you and your veterinarian and provide you with the information on what we have seen but we do not diagnose.

If his semen quality is good, the bitches are healthy and produce, but breeding with the semen still misses we may recommend running an Acrosome Integrity test on the semen. We collect the sample and send it off for testing. The test allows us to determine if the acrosome on the sperm cap is functioning normally, by releasing the enzyme Hyaluronidase to dissolve the zona pellucida that surrounds the egg. If the acrosome is not functioning correctly, then the sperm cell is infertile. The cost for this test is $220.

Make and in-office appointment and fill out our Service Authorization Form.

Epididymal Harvesting allows us to extract the sperm cells from your dog’s testes and freeze them for later use. By using this exclusive technology you can continue your breeding program from remote locations and ship your dog’s testes after neutering or an unforeseen event. 

Always call ICSB at 503-663-7031 before the neuter to ensure we are available to process. See our Epi Kit Instructions for sending the testes over to us and the appropriate Authorization and Agreement Form (New Dog or Repeat) needed to process the testes. If need be, you can send the form via email. We recommend sending the testes to us for overnight delivery right after the stud has been neutered. In case of emergency, never freeze the testes nor stud, keep refrigerated if possible.

We always recommend purchasing our Epi Kit but if there is not enough time, we recommend sending testes in a Styrofoam cooler encased in cardboard (for protection during shipping). Inside that Styrofoam cooler, place a frozen ice pack at the bottom. On top of the ice pack, place a layer of 1/2-inch of (news)paper so that the testes cannot touch the ice pack. Place the testes inside a Ziploc bag and place the bag on the layer of paper. Stuff the rest of the space in that box with crumpled paper so that the layers do not mix. It is crucial that the testes do not touch the ice pack; if they do, the semen will die and we will be unable to successfully freeze from it.

A breakdown of the costs for an epididymal harvest and freeze are as follows:

Epididymal Harvest and Processing: $160 (this is the fee if there is no sperm present after the harvest)
Semen Collection, Evaluation, Processing (for up to 4 vials): $260
(each additional vial at a one-time processing fee of $70 per vial)
File Preparation: $55
First Year of Storage: $93
Total Base Freeze Fee: $568*

*Fee for Labor & Processing if harvest is successful but freeze attempt is unsuccessful: $270

We offer our product called CF-Plus. This is an all-natural supplement that we have seen amazing results with. This product can improve canine sperm production, increasing sperm count and quality. In females, our supplement has shown to help regulate female's estrous cycles (ex. silent, weak, or split cycles). This supplement cannot correct any issues that need to be addressed by a veterinarian, such as infections in the reproductive tract.

Our CF-Plus product range includes:

CF-Plus Small Breed:

  • to increase sperm count and quality
  • $80 for one bottle of 500 tablets
  • dosed at 1 tablet per 15 lbs daily

CF-Plus Large Breed:

  • to increase sperm count and quality
  • $110 for one bottle of 300 tablets
  • dosed at 1 tablet per 30 lbs daily

CF-Plus Advanced:

  • to increase sperm count and quality, also helps to resolve immature sperm cells (proximal or distal droplets on the tail)
  • $90 for one bottle of 450 tablets
  • dosed at 1 tablet per 15 lbs daily

Orders can be placed here.

A Transfer of Ownership Form transfers full ownership of the semen. This form must be signed and dated by an owner of the frozen semen. This makes the recipient the legal owner of the semen and they will be the one to sign off on the litter application when a litter is produced from the semen. We will set up an account for the new owner and each Transfer (per stud) incurs a $75 transfer fee and their own annual storage fee ($93 vials or $99 straws). The new semen owner will then need to complete a Release Form to send or use the semen.

A Frozen Semen Release Authorization Form is mainly used for shipping. This keeps the current semen owner as the legal owner of the semen and requires one semen owner to sign off. They are releasing the semen for the desired breeding as listed on the release to a recipient/bitch owner. When a litter is produced, the semen owner will have to sign off on the litter registration, not the recipient/bitch owner.

Our Puppy Pak is our fresh-chilled shipping kit intended for insemination. The Puppy Pak comes with our PDV-06 media/extender, a disposable collection kit to collect the stud and all the packing materials you'll need. The Puppy Pak provides the easiest system and prevents damage to sperm cells due to over-handling during the packaging and shipping process. Our Puppy Pak is easy to use at home or at your veterinarian's office. ICSB Puppy Paks are reusable. No need to buy an entire new kit each time, all you need to order is the replacement media and disposable collection kit.

Our Cryo Kit is our fresh-chilled shipping kit intended to be shipped back to us for freezing. The Cryo Kit comes with our extender/media (different than the PDV-06), a disposable collection kit and all the packing material you'll need. You or your veterinarian can do the collection and ship the sample back to us for arrival Monday through Friday and we can freeze the sample from there. For best success the collection should be collected and shipped the same day for overnight delivery (est. arrival time before 12:30pm but no earlier than 9am). Always ship to our physical address, NEVER TO THE PO BOX and please call us before the collection to ensure we will be in the office to process the kit. For most studs we are able to obtain the same amount of vials using our Cryo Kit and an in-office appointment.

Orders can be placed here, please note that both medias are egg-based and must be shipped to you for either overnight or 2-day delivery to remain viable. The medias must be stored and placed in the freezer upon receival, recommend use within 6 months of ship date.

There are three different types of artificial insemination methods: vaginal, transcervial and surgical insemination.

Vaginal Insemination: the semen is deposited inside the vaginal canal with an insemination rod. Vaginal inseminations are most frequently used with fresh collected or fresh-chilled semen. Vaginal inseminations with frozen semen have a lower success rate than TCI or surgical, however some clients still choose to use their semen this way. In that case we would strongly recommend progesterone timing and two inseminations. This means vaginal insemination would require 2 vials, where surgical insemination requires 1. The female's hindquarters will be elevated for 5-10 minutes after insemination to allow the semen to pass through the cervix. We offer this service at our office in Gladstone.

Transcervical Insemination (TCI): An endoscope is used to travel through the vaginal canal and visualize the cervix. A flexible catheter is used to penetrate the cervix and deposit the semen directly into the uterus. This method can be used with fresh-collected, fresh-chilled, or frozen semen. TCI is less taxing on the bitch than a surgical insemination, and studies show no significant difference in success rates compared to a surgical insemination. We strongly recommend progesterone testing and two inseminations, therefore, when using frozen semen this would require two vials.

Surgical Insemination (Implant): this method is performed under general anesthesia. A small incision is made in the abdominal wall. The uterine body and horns are then exposed and pulled forward. A small needle/catheter is placed, and the semen is then directly deposited into each uterine horn. This method can be used with fresh-collected, fresh-chilled or frozen semen. When used in combination with progesterone timing, the success rate of conception is very high. One vial is recommended per surgical insemination. We do not offer this service at our office, but we work with Dr. Holenstein at Gresham Animal Hospital who performs this service. If the semen is frozen and stored here, we will travel with the semen to their office and assist with the thawing procedure.

To maximize the chances of a successful AI, we highly recommend progesterone testing. This offers us the best "window of insemination" wherein the largest number of eggs are available for the semen to fertilize. If you are unable to find a vet to perform progesterone testing, we offer vaginal exfoliative cytology, which is the next best method to estimate the optimal insemination day(s). Lack of testing is shown to significantly decrease your chances of success and, if successful, decrease your litter size, therefore we highly encourage testing.

For frozen semen we do not recommend vaginal insemination since once thawed, frozen semen does not last as long as fresh-collected of fresh-chilled. Since the semen is deposited outside of the cervix, the sperm cells must travel farther which is why frozen semen has much less success with vaginal inseminations. We would recommend transcervical or surgical insemination when using frozen semen. Another reason we do not recommend frozen semen for vaginal inseminations since you will need to use 1 vial/breeding unit per insemination, and we recommend at least two inseminations. 

Vaginal inseminations are recommended to be used with fresh-collected or fresh-chilled semen. We recommend two vaginal inseminations a day apart, the first one being 2 days post-ovulation (>5.0ng/mL). 

Fresh-collected and fresh-chilled semen can be used for vaginal, transcervical or surgical inseminations. A surgical insemination just requires one vial/breeding unit and is typically performed 3-4 days post ovulation (>5.0ng/mL). 

For transcervical inseminations we recommend two inseminations 3-5 days post ovulation (>5.0ng/mL) dependent on progesterone level. You would need one vial/breeding unit per insemination, so two vials of frozen semen would need to be used. For TCI’s performed at our office in Gladstone, we strongly recommend progesterone testing to schedule the most accurate insemination days. If no progesterone testing is completed, then a vaginal cytology is required before insemination.

To maximize the chances of a successful AI, we highly recommend progesterone testing combined with vaginal cytology testing. This offers us the best "window of insemination" wherein the largest number of eggs are available for the semen to fertilize. This can help to estimate the optimal insemination day(s), thereby increasing your chances of success and saving you time and money. Progesterone testing is available at many veterinary facilities; ICSB offers vaginal exfoliative cytology testing in our facility. Lack of testing is shown to significantly decrease your chances of success and, if successful, it may still decrease your litter size, therefore we highly encourage testing before insemination.

Please email us at contact@icsb.com or write us a message under our Contact tab and we can provide you with a list of inseminators that have been recommended to us. 

The Society for Theriogenology is also a great resource. 

Please email us at contact@icsb.com with the name on the account and the name of the stud(s) you want inventoried. Your inventory will be emailed to you within 1-3 business days.

AKC states that a dog needs to be 7 months to 12 years. Before or after this age and the stud will need additional paperwork, provided he is able to produce viable sperm. Generally, most studs are ready by 1 years old but each stud is different. Some things to look for are the stud lifting their leg to pee, showing interest in females in heat and aggression towards other males in the presence of a female.

ICSB offers a full line of reproduction products that you can find under our Products tab. ICSB offers vaginal artificial inseminations at our office in Gladstone, Oregon. ICSB assists in the surgical inseminations through our affiliated veterinary clinic, Gresham Animal Hospital.

ICSB offers vaginal cytology staining for your female to help determine the estimated day in her cycle, this is not as accurate as progesterone testing. We do not offer progesterone testing at our facility but are available to consult on progesterone numbers and timing.

As always, ICSB is available Monday through Friday for appointments and questions. We do offer weekend and holiday breeding appointments for an additional after-hours fee. We do not offer freezing/evaluation services on the weekends and holidays unless we are at a show.

The semen is shipped in a liquid nitrogen charged dry shipper. The semen is kept in a deep freeze of -196ºC. There is no alternative to shipping in this container. We ship though FedEx and do not use personal or business shipping accounts, as it does not allow us to have access to the information we need if the shipment is lost or delayed. UPS is available upon request.

We ship our tanks for either overnight or 2-day delivery (ground delivery is offered if estimated delivery time is no longer than 2 days). The tank rental is for 1 week and non-refundable.

The dry shipper is charged to last 7-10 days before needing to be re-filled with liquid nitrogen.

Proper tank handling instructions are included with every semen shipment for the recipient. It is important to keep the tank upright and capped in a temperature-moderated room away from heat sources.

See our Procedures For Utilizing Frozen Semen for a step by step list. In order to release semen the account must be current with no balance. Before semen can be released, you will need to fill out the Frozen Semen Release Authorization Form . Please ensure you are filling out the most current form as we have updated it over the years.

This Release Form is critical in order to start the process. NO SEMEN LEAVES OUR FACILITY WITHOUT A SIGNED SEMEN RELEASE FORM by the semen owner. We recommend sending in the Release Form as soon as the female comes into heat, please fill it out and send it to the contact information at the top of the form.

It is always best to ship earlier in the week in case of shipping delays, Saturday delivery is not available to all locations. Please note that we do not ship over the weekend, nor are available to schedule shipments on the weekend. We ship through FedEx, UPS is available upon request. We have received notification from our shippers that any delays, especially due to COVID-19 closures, will not be covered by insurance, or be eligible for guaranteed service refunds.

Please note there will be Stat Fees issued to releases that are received and needing to be released without proper notice. Same day notice is an additional $115, 1 business day notice is $85. Notice is given when we receive the completed Release Form, we can ship 2 business days after we receive the Release Form without a Stat Fee.

We need everything confirmed and completed before 11 AM PST the day that the shipment needs to be shipped out.

Semen Preparation (for up to 4 vials per stud, every additional group of up to 4 vials additional $30): $140
One Week Non-Refundable Tank Rental: $105
Total $245*+ plus delivery and return shipping

The shipping costs are dependent on where it is shipping to and how quickly it needs to be there, you can contact us for an estimate. The total for a typical shipment within the United States ranges between $425 - $1420. This includes the outgoing shipping cost, a return label to have the tank sent back to us, the tank rental fee and semen preparation fee.

The fees will be charged to the credit card on the Frozen Semen Release Authorization Form. The semen owner or the bitch owner can pay for these fees. These shipping costs are subject to change on a daily basis as UPS and FedEx are constantly updating their rates.

*Does not include Stat Fees

Yes, however many countries have particular requirements for the import of canine semen, including import permits, certificates, and bloodwork. Please email your inquiry to contact@icsb.com and our international department can work on retrieving this information to provide you with more accurate estimates on the preparation and shipment costs. This can take some time, as not all countries have this information readily accessible. Please note that we are experiencing delays in communication with government agencies due to the coronavirus.

If you have a veterinarian that you wish to ship the semen directly to, please forward their contact information to us. E-mail is always best. This can help decrease processing times and communication with the recipient is often essential for the import of the semen.

Yes, there are no import requirements for frozen canine semen being sent into the United States. We are here Monday through Friday to accept deliveries but please contact us ahead of time to ensure we are available to process an intake. Please have the semen storage facility ship to:

430 West Arlington Street
Gladstone, OR 97027

To store with us, we will need the following:

  • notice when the semen is to arrive, preferably with the tracking number
  • prepaid return label and customs documents to return the tank.
  • signed Semen Intake Authorization and Agreement Form
  • clear ownership paperwork (if needed, here is our Transfer of Ownership Form )
  • thawing instructions
  • thaw media
  • semen quality report
  • the stud's registration certificate
  • the stud's third generation pedigree (optional, but recommended, as this is required for many registries to register litters produced)
  • the stud's DNA profile (optional, but recommended, as this is required for many registries to register litters produced)

These may all be sent by email or with the semen when it arrives. Part of our intake process is assessing the paperwork to see what other information we may need and we will notify you of this after the semen intake is complete.

An estimate of our fees for intake and storage per stud are:

Semen Intake: $55

Yearly Storage*: $93 (vials) or $99 (straws)

*Storage will be waived if all semen is used within 30 days

Yes, whenever possible we can organize a group shipment to domestic and international locations. If two or more clients are interested in shipping to the same location we will attempt to arrange a group shipment if timing allows. In general, the tank rental and round trip shipping cost would be split between each party. Each party is still responsible for the individual semen preparation fee per stud. 

Depending on demand we arrange group shipments to Germany 1-3 times a year. Please email us at contact@icsb.com for more details. 

It is possible to do genetic/DNA testing off of frozen semen. That is not a service we offer in house as it must be performed at a genetics lab, but we can prepare and ship the semen to them. Typically labs that can do the testing you are interested in with cheek swabs, can also do the test off frozen semen. You would need to find a genetic testing lab that offers the testing you are interested in then contact them to see if they can run the test off of frozen semen.

If they can, they will have instructions on the amount of semen they need and how they want it packaged and shipped to them. They will also have sample submission paperwork for you to fill out. Complete all that paperwork. Submit it to them, then send us the instructions on the amount of semen need, packing instructions, and any paperwork/submission forms that must go with the sample. Generally only a small amount of semen is needed and we can pull out the specified amount of semen without using an entire vial.

You will also need to fill out our Frozen Semen Release Authorization Form. For the 'Ship To', you would put the laboratory information, and for the 'Bitch Owner/Bitch Information' you would simply write "genetic testing or DNA testing". The cost is $140 for the Semen Preparation Fee plus shipping to the destination, typically overnight shipping is required but it does not need to be sent in a tank, often a Styrofoam container with ice packs is all that's needed.

AKC DNA Profile Numbers can also be generated from frozen semen, please contact AKC's Frozen Department for more information.

ICSB is required to have copies of all registration certificates the stud is registered to, this includes AKC, CKC, ASCA, FDSB, ADBA, etc.

If the stud is AKC-registered, only listed owners on the stud's registration certificate can be owners of the semen without needing a Transfer of Ownership Form; being listed as the breeder does not count as being an owner. AKC has recently changed their rules regarding ownership of frozen semen, on our Authorization Form, only list the name(s) of the owners of the stud that you would like this semen collection to be owned by; if you wish to be the sole owner, only list yourself. The listed owners will be on the collection report provided to AKC.

Per most other registries, all listed owners on the stud's registration certificate at the time of collection are also owners of the semen. If you wish to remove a co-owner or want to be the sole owner, all owners at the time of collection must sign off on a Transfer of Ownership Form.

AKC also requires all stud's with frozen semen to have an AKC DNA Profile number in order to register litters produced from the frozen semen. This is usually obtained by a cheek swab and the kit can be ordered directly from AKC. This is required for all studs with frozen semen after October 1st 1998. If you did not complete this requirement when the stud was alive the DNA Profile number can be generated from the frozen semen.

Please inquire with your specific registry on the requirements they have for frozen semen to ensure you will be able to register the litter(s) produced from the frozen semen.

ICSB follows the rules of each registry and any exception to these rules must be discussed and authorized by said registry.

In the event of your death/incapacitation the semen would go to any other co-owner(s) of the semen. If you are the sole owner, the executor of your estate or your power of attorney will have authority over the semen. We are required to have a copy of the owner's death certificate and proof of executorship or power of attorney documentation. In most states a marriage license will suffice. These documents are required in order for ICSB to release any information about the account and to report the change of ownership to the appropriate registry.

Since frozen semen is considered an asset, it is always best to indicate in your Will to whom you want the semen to go to.

ICSB follows the rules of each registry and any exception to these rules must be discussed and authorized by said registry.